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Mission Statement




The Springfield High School Alumni Association has been established to maintain the traditions of Springfield High School (SHS), assist in the advancement of SHS through its alumni, and to generate and maintain the active interest of all alumni as a support organization with diversity and pride in the heritage of our alma mater.

This association will support Springfield High School through volunteerism by various endeavors and initiatives including fundraising and public relations efforts. The association will provide opportunities for alumni to assemble and maintain relationships through the promotion of alumni events and school activities. This association will strive to promote and sustain alumni involvement in school programs and provide social, business, and charitable opportunities for our SHS Alumni to assist SHS students and faculty.

As we continue to grow, our organization will strive to increase the offerings of the SHS alumni which will help strengthen the impact we have on our school and allow us to become a strong resource for all SHS students, alumni, and staff.


To encourage SHS alum’s passion for Springfield High School that will inspire commitment to the school, inspire loyalty, and promote involvement with the Alumni Association in a meaningful way through:


  • Developing the SHS Alumni Association as a financially self-sufficient and fiscally responsible organization within the SHS community

  • Cultivation of students to ensure participation in the Alumni Association following graduation

  • Providing opportunities for the assembly of Association members for the fostering of camaraderie among alumni

  • Establishing a repository of historic memorabilia

  • Development, maintenance, and moderating of digital media including Facebook and Web site activities.

  • Creation of a database of all alumni members with viable contact information


  • Serve as a conduit for sharing information between alumni and Springfield High School and other SHS organizations

  • Assist in the establishment and organization of class reunions including help to locate “missing” classmates and providing current contact information for alumni reunion committees

  • Coordinate outreach to SHS alum for generating revenue for the purpose of supporting special recognitions, scholarships, and activities in the advancement of our mission

  • Acknowledge and recognize outstanding, successful, and distinguished SHS graduates in various venues including hall of fame honorees and outstanding staff members


Lisa Varney - President/Trustee

Jamie Tennis - Secretary/Trustee

Sara Moye-Moulton - Operations Treasurer/Trustee

Louise Peale - Clerk/Membership/Trustee

Kristin Cook - Vice-President/Trustee

Jean Patoine - Investment Treasurer/Trustee

Jessica Martin - Trustee

Paige Streeter - Trustee

Wendy Messer - Trustee

(1) Position is open


The Alumni Association meets every month. Contact any

officer or trustee for time and location.

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