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66th Annual Alumni Day Parade


Saturday, June 20th, 2020

"Vermont Made"

Parade kick-off is at 10:30am - Artisan Solid Surfaces to Riverside Middle School


To register a float, contact Amber Bedi, call 802-875-5286, or email amber.Bedi@mahhc.org

Information to include when registering a float:

Contact name, email, phone number, class year, float theme, description of float, overall length of float including truck and trailer, any additional vehicles?, music being played on the float?, are classmates riding on the float?


Following the parade, join the classes, organizations, bands and classic cars at Riverside Middle School for final judging.  The Alumni Association will convene under the tent at 1pm with business from the past year being discussed and the parade winners will be announced.  We invite all paid Alumni to join us to vote.

2016 Alumni Day Parade: SAPA TV


Alumni Day Parade Information:

Parade assembling areas are as follow:

o All classic vehicles will assemble on the right side of the PCM access road.

o All bands will assemble in parking lot next to Jake’s. (the Old Go-Go gas market place).

o All dignitaries’ vehicles will enter at the lower entrance by the walking path and assemble

on the left side of the PCM Access road the until they arrive at Artisan Surfaces paved parking lot. They will park and await direction from the Alumni parade officials when they may

line-up on the street.

o All floats will also enter at the lower entrance by the walking path and proceed behind the

PCM building until they arrive at the Artisan Surfaces grass/dirt parking lot. They will park

and wait for direction from the Alumni parade official when they may enter onto the street.

o Fire trucks will line-up on the street by 10:15am parallel with the classic vehicles.

o We ask that everyone is parked and ready to start by 10:00am and parade will start

10:30am sharp.

Please note that vehicles that are NOT in the parade must be parked in the lower PCM

parking lot or arrangements must be made for drop-off. Sorry for the inconvenience, but

parking is limited and the parked vehicles take up valuable room that is needs for floats

and dignitaries cars.

There will be numerous alumni officials there to help you get lined up. Please be patient and

have no fear everyone will be in the parade as scheduled. If there are any questions you can

contact Amer Bedi 802-875-5286. As you plan your float, please keep in mind the following

rules of Alumni participation

2015 Alumni Day Parade: SAPA TV

2014 Alumni Day Parade: SAPA TV

Rules of Alumni Parade Participation:

1. Intoxicating beverages are not to be consumed by any parade participant. If intoxicating beverages or the results of consumption of such beverages is observed by the parade judges, chair, or any trustee, the float shall be disqualified and ineligible for any prize or prize money.

2. Safety

A. Any connector between the tow vehicle and the float must be a lawful hitch with safety chains.

B. All objects must be securely attached.

C. Fire extinguishers are required on all floats.

D. No candy, etc. is to be thrown from the float. If it is to be distributed, it must be exchanged hand to hand. We do not want children running out in front of moving floats.

3. Keep approximately four car lengths between participating units in the parade. Any float that does not maintain this distance, resulting in a large gap in the parade, shall forfeit points in the judging.

4. Refrain from profanity.

5. Do not use any objects or materials which could damage clothing or personal property or cause bodily harm or injury to spectators.

6. Observe state road laws on width and height when transporting the float to and from the parade. The limit on height is 14 feet and width is 25 feet.

7. All debris shall be cleaned up after the parade.

8. All floats will be inspected at parade line-up for worthiness of participation. You will be notified when judging is completed


Parade Themes

2020 --- Vermont Made

2021 --- Game Shows

2022 --- Wildlife

2023 --- Beach Time

2024 --- At the Fair

Parade Awards

$1,000.00 total is awarded.


  • Most Outstanding (1st only) - $500.00

  • 1st Non-Alumni - $200.00 plus banner

  • 2nd Non-Alumni - banner only

  • 1st Humorous - $100.00 plus banner

  • 2nd Humorous - banner only


  • 1st Most Artistic - $100.00 plus banner

  • 2nd Most Artistic - banner only

  • 1st Most Original - $100.00 plus banner

  • 2nd Most Original - banner only