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Happy New Year!

Good Day Alumni:

As we promised last month we are doing our monthly informational letter to all. First, we hope that everyone had a happy holiday and we wish you a very happy new year.

As the New Year is upon us let’s all hope that it will bring a close to the unsettling times that we all have been going through and we can get back to “normal”.

We hope to start more planning for a great alumni festive weekend in June. The alumni hasn’t been able to hold our usual events, which means that our operational fund is taking a hit. We have to pay bills even if we don’t have events to raise funds. We are very lucky that we have such great alumni, their families and friends that are still supporting the scholarship funds so we can still award some very great scholarships to deserving seniors.

The alumni trustees have discussed over and over again how we can cut costs but at the same time still serve those that wish to stay connected to their “home town” through their high school alumni association. It was the decision of the trustees to discontinue the mailing of the annual newsletter and do more by email. We tried this and it was somewhat better but not as we had hoped. With the huge cost of printing, postage, and time spent to track down people, it was finally decided to discontinue the annual newsletter EXCEPT emails to class contact people (if we have them), Alumni Facebook page, Alumni website and any class Facebook pages that we can find.

We hope you all understand and will be one of the true alumni members that will share this information with others as we post the information. We will post informational updates at least once a month and sometimes more often.

On a happier note we are looking for your help by suggesting person or persons for our honored guest. Please feel free to contact me at 802-591-7230 or Do not forget to register your float for the parade. This can be done on the alumni webpage.

Also if you have an alumnus that you think should be nominated for the Roberta Stokes Smith Hall of Fame please submit the application. This is not a scholarship but recognition of an alumnus that has gone on throughout his or her life and succeeded in ways of the world. If you know of someone please contact the SHS principal, Bindy Hathorn or myself and we will see that you are sent the proper papers.

As always we wish to hear from you regarding anything to do with the alumni. We want to keep our association alive and well and we appreciate your help.

Remember we welcome volunteers and are currently looking for a couple trustees. Are you interested?? I would be glad to talk to you and explain what it involves.

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